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natural Sea Buckthorn Concentrate Description Sea-buckthorn juice is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, ranking first among fruits and vegetables, quenching thirst, nourishing stomach, protecting liver and sobriety; Sea-buckthorn juice contains more than 20 kinds of trace elements and 18 kinds of essential amino acids, so that you can taste the delicious sea-buckthorn juice and supplement nutrition in a balanced way. Carotene content is quite high. Sea-buckthorn contains more than 90% of vitamin E (unsaturated fatty acid), which can be converted into vitamin A in human body than cod liver oil. Sea-buckthorn is mainly composed of glucose and fructose, potassium,calcium, sodium and magnesium. It contains 190 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body and bioactive substances. Sea buckthorn juice by sea buckthorn common name vinegar willow, sour juice. Originating in the glacial and interglacial periods of geological movement,seabuckthorn stands proud in the world with its extraordinary vitality after hundreds of millions of years of harsh natural selection, and is known as the "king of life"among plants and "protector of human health in the 21st century". Specification Product NameSea Buckthorn Juice Origin of PlantHippophae rhamnoides Origin of CountryChina PHYSICAL / CHEMICAL Active IngredientBrix: =12 Acidity(g/L as Citric Acid)=2.0 PH3.5-5.5 VC,mg/100g=200 AppearanceThe orange-yellow of seabuckthorn juice ColorOrange-yellow Taste & OdorCharacteristic from the original fruit Total Heavy Metals< 20PPM PbPPM AsPPM Cd<1PPM Hg<1PPM MICROBIOLOGICAL TPC(CFU/ML)< 1000 Yeast & Mould(CFU/ML)< 20 Coliforms(MPN/100ML) Pathogenic BacteriaNegative AFLATOXIN (B1+B2+G1+G2)<10 BAP<10 StorageStored in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight Package200kg/Steel drum Shelf life2 years Function 1. It was found that flavonoids of seabuckhamnoides and 尾 -glutamate, betaine and other active substances can reduce blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce blood viscosity, reduce blood cholesterol, increase high density lipoprotein, clear the deposits of blood vessel wall, increase coronary blood flow and enhance cardiac function. Flavonoids of seabuckhamnoides can inhibit arrhythmia, myocardial ischemia, relieve angina pectoris and improve cardiac function by scavenging active oxygen free radicals, and can improve cerebral ischemia and oxygen supply capacity of the brain, so as to have a certain rehabilitation effect on cerebrovascular diseases, hemiplegia, dementia and other diseases. 2. Total flavonoids and other bioactive ingredients of Yuantai Organic is a leading professional company devoting to natural organic food products since 2014. Our products鈥?nbsp;range include but not limited to as follows: Organic Plant Protein--Mung Bea/Rice/Pea/Brown Rice/Hemp Seed/Pumpkin Seed/Sunflower Seed....... Organic Herbal Extract--Astragalus/Dong Quai/Siberian Ginseng/Schisandra...... Organic Dehydrated Vegetable Powder--Broccoli/Nettle/Alfalfa/Ginger/Kale...... Organic Fruit Powder--Mulberry/Strawberry/Blueberry...... Organic Flowers Tea or TBC--Chrysanthemum/Rose /Jasmine/Lavender/Green Tea ...... Organic Herbs & Spices--Poria Cocos/Astragalus/Dong Quai/Foo-Ti...... We export good quality products to countries all over the world. Especially America,Australia and EU countries. Welcome to send us inquiry! We will give you the most professional service!natural Sea Buckthorn Concentrate website:http://www.sxytorganic.com/jui....ce-concentrate/fruit