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buy Titanium Elbow Because of its excellent corrosion resistance, titanium alloy enables structural components to maintain engineering integrity permanently. Titanium seamless elbows do not cause corrosion, pitting, rusting or wear. The raw material of rolling seamless elbow pipe fittings is round pipe blank. Round pipe embryo is cut by cutting machine and processed into blank with growth degree of about one meter, and sent to furnace by conveyor belt for heating. Titanium alloy is one of the strongest materials used in construction. Titanium slab are fed into the furnace heating, the temperature is about 1200 degrees Celsius, furnace temperature control is a crucial problem, circular tube billet after going through pressure punch wear empty, generally is one of the more common punch is tapered roller puncher, the punching machine production efficiency is high, the products are of good quality and large amount of perforated hole enlargement, can wear a variety of titanium alloy pipe fittings, fuel for hydrogen or acetylene. The current process of making seamless elbows will lead to the phenomenon of back arc thinning. Under normal circumstances, the wall thickness of the mouth will be about two millimeters thinner than the back arc. Even if the common thickness and pressure of the back arc thinning, there will not be too much safety risk, because the seamless elbows have been replaced before dangerous things happen to the elbows. But as a strict engineering, nothing is set in stone, and the medium inside the pipe is very complex, not just water. It may be oil or other impurities. The temperature is high and the pressure is high. As the thickness of the back arc at the weak point determines the life of the seamless elbow, so the importance of detecting the back arc is naturally great.buy Titanium Elbow website:http://www.sxxs-ti.com/titanium/titanium-elbow/